Christians who ignore Jesus command to heal the sick, often wake up to the need for it when a family member or close friend gets seriously ill. I’m thankful that the Lord can use crises to draw us back to His will. Praying for family members can be the hardest place to start learning to move in signs, wonders and miracles. Don’t lose heart if you are in this position, just realise it is challenging to pray for people you know well. Now repent for not taking up His commission in the past. Repentance is a good place to start in enlarging your kingdom experience. It increases your confidence before God as you seek a breakthrough in any area of life. Familiarity is the problem when we try to minister to those we know well. People of Nazareth knew Jesus in the natural, saying “Is this not Joseph’s son?” Thinking of Him merely as Joseph’s son prevented them from knowing Him as Lord and Saviour. For that reason, Jesus did few miracles in His hometown (see Mark 6v1-6; Luke 4v22). When we pursue healing as the responsibility of every believer, we realise breakthroughs as we seek to serve those in our community and those around us. This increases our understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in the miracle realm. It increases our confidence and faith when dealing with those closest to us who need a miracle.

It is inevitable to have disappointments when pursuing a miracle lifestyle. This is the biggest stumbling block for those who want to see the whole ministry of Jesus restored to the Church. Some people who believed for a miracle for a dying relative and didn’t get it, turn away from God. They reject our God who is personal, powerful and at hand. Even a few ministers do this. They become people who believe in God, but approach a problem the same way an atheist would, without a miracle-working God at the centre of the answer. These leaders see something happen that they can’t explain, and in response create an answer or belief system to take away the pressure of mystery.. An example could be when a child dies, they may say, “God took the life of this child because He needed another angel in heaven.” This statement may give temporary comfort to the grieving family, but it is a lie. God doesn’t turn the dead into angels, and he did not cause the death of that child. The lie brings temporary peace while undermining the parents ability to truly be healed in their hearts, then rise up and seek the justice of the Lord in giving them vindication for their loss. There is a potential power in loss that gets lost itself in a cloud of disappointment. The lie also keeps them from pusuing a breakthrough anointing, so that other parents do not have to feel the same grief and loss. The fact that God can use tragedy has caused many to attribute tragedy to God. The truth is, “What would Jesus do?” He healed all who came to Him. His is the only standard worth pursuing.

Why did Jesus raise people from the dead? Because not everyone dies in God’s timing. If we have the Father assigning people to die and Jesus raising them from the dead, we have a divided house. Those who believe that everything that happens is God’s will are contributing to the immaturity of the Church. “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3v9). It is not His will that any perish, but people perish every day in spite of it being against God’s will.

Learning to live with the unexplainable is one of the most necessary ingredients of the Christian life, especially for those pursuing the authentic Gospel displayed through the miracle realm. If we don’t give up our right to understand, we will seldom experience the peace that passes understanding that Philippians 4v7, talks about. If everything worked perfectly for us the first time we tried, there would be little need for promises like, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose,” (Romans 8v28).

Verses like this are given because we are all in process. AMEN!

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