In Elijah’s day there was a group of men called the sons of the prophet’s. They raised the dead, healed the sick, exposed and destroyed false prophets and revival spread throughout their land. They walked in holiness and knew God as their friend.

Wickedness is growing and taking root in many lives, destroying the foundation of our country. Satanism and occult is spreading while psychics demonstrate the powers of darkness. Family breakups and divorce is rife. Violence is corrupting our youths and children. Knife crime is on the increase. Sickness and disease attacks and even takes the lives of many people, well before their time.

But praise God, we have a promise from Jesus in John 14v12, “…he who believes in Me (Jesus), the works that I do, he will do also, and greater works than these will he do; because I go to the Father.”

Peter said, “It is you who are the sons of the prophets…” Acts 3v25.

It’s time that we the Church, the Body of Christ should take authority and our inheritance and rise up. Demonstrate God’s power by the Holy Spirit! We’re not to be satisfied with friendly services; services with visual aids, loud music, but no power. We are called to see the powers of darkness destroyed and our communities restored.

God speaks to people prophetically in various ways. The Bible tells us that we each view the Kingdom of God through a glass dimly. If we develop prophetic communities, our collective perspectives will inspire healthy young prophets and prophetic people. We can help them to discover their divine destinies, and their full calling. Also help them to learn how to hear from the Holy Spirit or receive Words of Knowledge, so that Jesus will have a greater impact on our communities and nation.

Moses was called by God to demonstrate His power to Pharaoh, but Pharaoh got his sorcerers to copy the miracles of God. Then our God who is all powerful did amazing miracles so that the sorcerers had to say, “That must be God. We cannot perform these miracles.” God’s power overcame and finally Pharaoh let God’s people go.

The god of this world will have to let go of our communities as the God of Heaven demonstrates His almighty awesome power through His people, the Church. Soon we are going to see the greatest revival in our history.

The Church of God is the bridge between history and His story.

We are the sons of the prophets!

The deaf, the blind, the sick and the demonised, with the poor and the lost are waiting for us.

Don’t disappoint them!

May the Lord give us supernatural wisdom and knowledge as we seek to train a prophetic people.


The prophetic ministry is searching for treasure amongst the rubbish in peoples lives.

The price that Jesus paid on the Cross of Calvery, determined the value of people that He purchased. God recognised something good in us even when we were sinners. It does not take a gift of prophecy to see the sin in sinners or the rubbish in Christians lives. It takes the eyes of God to see the brokenness in people and then to see beyond the brokenness to their potential in Christ. Look at Simon (Simon means a broken reed) and in the midst of his brokenness Jesus called him Peter (Peter means rock). The prophetic ministry is looking for the treasure in peoples lives amongst the rubbish.

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