Roland Tann’s Story

I am Roland Tann, founder of Flame of Revival, married to Margaret for over fifty nine years and we have two sons and three grandchildren. I joined the Port of London Authority Police where for three years I worked on a CID squad, fighting organised crime in the docks. I later transferred to the City of London Police and soon became a specialist instructor in physical training, life saving and self-defence attached to a Home Office Police Training Centre, Near Oxford. Qualified as a black belt for judo and later gained another for aikido. On occasions I taught specialist police instructors (for England & Wales) self-defence and disarming techniques.

This picture shows Roland on the front page of a German Voice Magazine, of the Full Gospel Businessmen International. It was printed in several languages, telling part of Roland’s testimony.

In 1973 whilst driving to the Police Training Centre, my car broke down and the engine went up in flames. I put the fire out, the car was wrecked but I met the presence of the Lord at the side of the road. It changed my life, as I didn’t have a religious background, all I realised was that I was going to hell and needed to change direction and follow Jesus. My marriage which was on the rocks was healed and my sons wanted to become Christians because they saw the reality of what God had done in our marriage. The Lord later brought me out of the “Martial Arts” when I realised the occult influence behind it.

Since 1975, The Lord has led me, an evangelist with a healing ministry, with Margaret to minister around England and later to many other countries to take the Gospel. I have seen many signs and wonders following the preaching of the word of God. I trained part-time at Kingdom Faith Bible College. Later I became a police chaplain with Essex Police for 14 years. Margaret and I were directors of Chelmsford Healing Rooms for 5 years where we trained teams of people from 8 Churches to minister salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, deliverance, and healing the sick. Here I’ll share some of the testimonies I have seen. In Essex there have been many people healed of various conditions from severe back pain, arthritis, deafness, diabetes, to blindness and multiple sclerosis.

Maria now reading without glasses.

In Schneeburg, Germany, Maria, nine years old, with thick pebble glasses and badly deteriorating eyesight and going blind. She now does not need glasses at all. and can read without them.

At a Lutheran Church in Ostingersleben, Germany, there was a man called Manfred. He was about forty five years old and had a withered left arm and hand, about 4 or 5 inches shorter than the other, with no feeling or strength in it. This was the result of a car crash when he was 11 years old. In Jesus name, the left arm grew out 2 inches longer than the other, with a loud cracking sound. Then I commanded the right arm to grow out and it grew level. The arm and hand were healed with feeling and strength completely restored.

In Bahrain, a man with a plastered, recently broken leg was healed and walked out with his crutches over his shoulder. I was told he was playing cricket the following week.

In a Pentecostal Church in Vancouver, Canada, there was a lady on a wheelchair/bed unable to sit or walk due to a spinal injury from a car crash thirteen years before. Jesus touched her and she walked the length of the Church and sat down without pain. Then she insisted on walking outside to wait for a taxi to take her home.

In Pavlograd, Ukraine, there was an elderly lady who had been totally paralysed for eight months, just lying on her bed, unable to wash, toilet or feed herself. Doctors could not help her, but Jesus completely healed her, She got up and walked me to the door to wave goodbye.

In Kiev, Ukraine, a young woman about 18 years old, had cerebral palsy — no use in her left arm and right leg. The power of God came upon her and she raised both arms to praise Him and was able to walk on the spot, lifting both knees waist high with both arms in the air. Praise God!

Many couples who were unable to have children, after ministry were told to send a photo of the baby in a years time. We have received many photos of their babies.

Margaret and I have healing testimonies of our own. In 2013, I had heart failure, and deep vein thrombosis. For a time Margaret had to push me around in a wheelchair. God touched me and I am now weight-training and exercising most days and I’m quite fit for an 81 year old. In 2016, Margaret had a fall fractured her skull and had a bleed on the brain. She was unable to walk or talk, but now she is a walking, talking miracle. Praise the Lord!

We serve a God who wants us to walk in the supernarural and see miracles happen, just like they did in Jesus’ day. In the UK and many other nations, crowds come forward at the call for salvation, healing and deliverance. Many people have been Baptised in the Holy Spirit and equipped to speak in tongues and prophecy. Margaret and I have a heart to see others moving in the power of God and to catch what the Lord has for them.

We restarted the Flame of Revival monthly meetings on 22nd October 2019, and will continue them, except in August & December. From January 2020, we will be hold our meetings on the 3rd Friday of each month. May God bless you. Roland Tann

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